General Background

Block Watch started in Surrey in 1986 and was partially based on a Seattle template. Initially there were approximately 300 homes signed up with the program and now there are currently in excess of 25,000 homes in the lower mainland. This includes single family homes, strata apartments, townhouse complexes and trailer courts. The RCMP has called Block Watch the most successful program they support.

In April of 1993 Blockwatch was officially established as a not for profit society operating with a Board of Directors. The purpose of the society includes the following:

  • Obtain grant funds to provide free material wherever possible
  • Purchase material in bulk to reduce costs to programs
  • Provide mentorship & education
  • Partner with government agencies

Benefits of Blockwatch

  • Creates communication amongst neighbours and possibly other Blockwatch groups
  • Creates a liaison between residents and police
  • Provides Blockwatch signs and stickers that have been known to be a deterrent to the bad guys
  • Reduces opportunities for crime
  • Reduces fear of crime through understanding & education
  • Teaches residents how to recognize suspicious behavior
  • Teaches residents how to recognize when and how to call police

Please inform the local RCMP by dialing 911 if you have noticed any criminal activity. Once this is reported to the RCMP please keep The Lakes Blockwatch informed by posting the crime in the comments section below or you can email us with the information. Please make sure to provide the details of the criminal activity, the date and possibly time as well as the approximate location within the community.

Blockwatch remains a strong interest for our Association and Community however we currently in need of a volunteer to come on board and focus on this worthwhile initiative. How do you see Crime Prevention best being addressed in your community?