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About Lake Country B.C.

The District of Lake Country was incorporated in 1995. It is made up of four neighbourhoods, or wards, which have their own rich histories and cultural life. This is the only municipality in the Province of BC to use the ward system. These wards are:

  • Carr's Landing
  • Okanagan Centre
  • Oyama
  • Winfield

The area was populated by the Okanagan First Nations for centuries before settlers arrived in the late 1800s. It is believed the first contact with these Indigenous peoples was in 1700 by the Hudson's Bay Company. Carr's Landing, Okanagan Centre, Oyama and Winfield were settled between 1890 and 1906 due to the growing agricultural industries.

In 2016, the District of Lake Country received the Small Business Roundtable's Open for Business award in recognition of efforts to foster economic growth. Lake Country was BC's fastest growing municipality in 2014 with an estimated 5.7% growth year-over-year. 2015 showed an even higher growth rate of 7.6%. Read more about our history and heritage here.

The District of Lake Country embraces change while respecting the agricultural roots and characteristics that make Lake Country so desirable to its residents and visitors alike. It is a rich and diverse Okanagan community where the arts, culture and heritage are essential parts of everyday life. Today, the landscape has changed from thriving fruit canneries on Okanagan Lake, to that of lush green orchards, pastoral farms, rolling vineyards, and newly-developed business areas.