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Apex Park Construction

The laying of sod in Apex park was completed in a record of 4 hours. Scroll through the images here and the highlight photos below that depict the enthusiasm and energy that brought the park to the finished stage.

Building Apex Park


First crew showed up at 7:45 a.m. and were flying in no time

Laying the sod

Sod arrived at 8:00am and was quickly set in place

Halfway Done

Halfway completed by 9:30 a.m., waiting for the second load of sod

Break Time

Residents enjoy some well earned pizza courtesy of Little Caesar's

Spion Kop Trail Head

The Spion Kop hiking trails are very popular and offer just about the best views of the Okanagan Valley. Recently the trail head and parking area has undergone a makeover and provides an attractive gathering area with a picnic table and signage for the various hiking trails. Click here for additional information and a trail map in PDF format. The photos below show the trail head area.

Spion Kop

Approaching the trail head area

Trail head entrance

Welcome to the Spion Kop trail head

Picnic Area

Relax and rest after your hike!

Shoreline Park Phase 2

The Lakes Community Association will strive to serve the neighborhood, preserve "The Lakes" vision and conserve our natural setting. We welcome you to our neighbourhood.

We are happy to announce on behalf of the District of Lake Country that construction will begin during the week of January 29th on a 60'x120' multi-sport box on the land adjacent to Shoreline Park. Following that, rough grading and service work will occur and the completion is scheduled for September 2018. Project contact is Steve Petryshyn at the District of Lake Country should you have any questions:
Please click the image below to open a PDF document with additional information.

Shoreline Park Project

Shoreline Park

Proposed layout for Shoreline Park

Artist rendering

Shoreline Multi Sport Park

Shoreline Park Phase 2

Shoreline Multi Sport Park Development

Shoreline Park Phase 2

Shoreline Multi Sport Park

Shoreline Multi-sport Park

Big day today at Shoreline Park...

Big day today at Shoreline Park

Asphalt has been poured!

Special thank-you to those working on the completion of Shoreline Park - Multiuse box!

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